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Films that will align,
inform and inspire your audiences.

Our team combines wisdom, gained through years of client side business experience, with creativity from the freshest industry production talent.

As part of a global Employee Value Proposition for Shell our film compellingly presented the ’20 reasons to work for Shell.

This film explains the financial measure ‘Return on Assets’ and was used to train marketers around the world in a critical business measure. Clear scripting and engaging visuals created a film that even the CEO complimented.

London Luton Airport is undergoing a multi-million pound expansion and this film showed an inspiring vision of what the new airport will look like.

Coca Cola European Partners wanted an inspiring piece to promote teamwork across their European territory. Using the analogy of how geese support each other and work together on their migration provided the perfect content.

Bravehound is a charity that supports former servicemen, women and their families by providing training and dogs to support veterans. Paul and Irma’s story was simply a privilege to film and proved crucial in raising awareness and funding – 30,000 online views to date and counting.

When senior leaders need to be on camera it doesn‘t always have to look ‘corporate‘. We chose a dramatic style to make this important message stand out while also making the message personal and from the senior leader responsible.

Unilever partners with NGOs and charities around the world. To help build global awareness of these programmes we made five films in which we followed Unilever staff on a life-changing journey. In this example we go to typhoon ravaged Philippines.

Sometimes even expert doctors need a little educational radiation refresh! The challenge: create an entertaining film, heavy on content that is fun and none patronising to watch.

Snickers has a long and colourful history, as well as award winning advertising. This film tells the story.

Unilever launched a revision to their Personal Development Plans called ‘Always on conversation’. We filmed members of the Unilever Board to launch the new initiative. The film was shared with tens of thousands of staff around the world.

Not all films need to break the bank – this is a great example of affordable filming. To date, the film has more than returned its production cost in course sales.

Unilever have an online version of their Annual Report and our films on their website have increased the engagement and accessibility of what can be a rather dry subject.

Coca-Cola Enterprises needed employees across Europe to understand the thinking behind their new social media policy. Gripped took a policy document and brought it to life, informing staff in hard to reach locations such as production sites and distribution centres.

This film is a great example of how text and simple graphics, if used creatively, can produce a charming film on a very low budget.

Unilever’s scientists wanted to improve understanding of how the ‘risk’ of using its products is calculated. This film was shared with marketers and stakeholders all over the world.

It has been estimated that people visiting your website stay for roughly 10-20 seconds. It’s imperative that you engage with them quickly.

Cyber crime is a huge issue for companies like Unilever. Our brief was ‘to put the fear of God into people’ with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of the issues.

The Coca Cola Commercial Academy asked us to create a dynamic animated logo to be used across all platforms.

We are a small, boutique production company yet trusted communications
partner to some the world’s biggest and most innovative companies, brands and charities.

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