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Virtual Reality employee training,
consumer insights and experiences.

Produce the ultimate realism in Virtual Reality.

We create your employee training into interactive, immersive scenarios that can be preloaded onto headsets or accessed remotely via a bespoke training app.

Current training courses are often time consuming, expensive and don’t go far enough to relate the training to real world situations. We are developing new ways to train people in a more manageable, cost conscious and effective way.

We produce 360 degree immersive films that delve deep into the habits, attitudes and lifestyles of your consumers. Take control and see what you want to see: with a move of your head or the drag of the mouse, you control the direction of view. Bring your consumers to life and immerse yourself fully in their lives.


Corporate communications or event experiences in stunning Virtual Reality.


Corporate communications or event experiences in stunning Virtual Reality.

Erith is one of the largest asbestos removal operators in the UK. They needed a cost-effective, introductory training scenario that could be used in their training centre but also accessed remotely by trainee staff

Oxford City Council (working with Erith) asked us to create a first-person experience that highlights the difficulties faced by lorry drivers sharing the road with cyclists.

As part of the Bloodhound land speed record roadshow, we were asked (working with Flock London) to create the thrilling experience of travelling at 1,000 mph. We even attached the VR headset to a racing helmet – FULL immersion!

The brief: ‘We want to attract the best University graduates to join our IT department’?

Wow them with the EVP communication, make it ‘tech sexy’ – Virtual Reality all the way.

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